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First Images From 'Superman' Movie

No. Not that Superman movie. A while back it was announced that Cupsogue Pictures was making a “fan-film” of sorts about the caped superhero. The movie is entitled Superman: Requiem. Today, Cupsogue have released the first images from the movie.

These images show Martin Richardson as the Man of Steel in full costume. You can check out the images below as well as a teaser trailer and poster for the movie.

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darklordzor4549d ago

Meh...I'm not that impressed. I saw the teaser trailer a while ago and I can't say as I'm looking forward to it. Some fan films do really well and are very good, but this isn't looking like one of them to me.

JL4549d ago

In all fairness, nothing has really been revealed that justifies truly judging the movie yet. The trailer shows pretty much nothing that would indicate whether the movie is going to be bad or not.

The only thing we've truly seen from the film (which is still shooting), are these images of Richardson in costume. I actually think he looks good in the role.

The filmmakers behind it seem very passionate about the project. And they're definitely professionals. This is a real studio we're talking about that has produced several movies already. This just seems to be something of a side project they're doing, labeled as a "fan film" so that they can bypass the licensing issues of the franchise.

Like I said, though, nothing much has really been shown yet, so I'm reserving judgment. But seems an interesting one that I'll keep an eye out for.

DaMist4548d ago

Dude, you're in a movie!

-Superman-4548d ago

I really wish he would wear tights, not non tight suit.
Superman without tight is not superman
Tights have to be same tight or tighter like in Superman Returns movie.

alycakes4549d ago

Me either....they just need to get the show on the road and get that movie done.

-MD-4549d ago

I see that you updated your website.

JL4549d ago

Yes I did. A little while back. Maybe a month ago.

darklordzor4548d ago

Yes I've been meaning to say that it looks pretty nice man. Good update.

-MD-4548d ago

Yep it's pretty clean. I prefer it to the old one.

Leio4549d ago Show
darksied4549d ago

That was dirty. That was a dirty rotten trick. I ALMOST thought it really was about the new superman movie. Meanies.

CobraKai4548d ago

I know. I fell for it too.

As far as teaser trailers go, this was pretty bad. Not to be mean or anything, but there was too much text explaining the story,... and a shot of his cheap looking boots.

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