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Shadowlocked - Ben 10 Set For A Cinematic Transformation

Shadowlocked - One of the most interesting and entertaining animated shows for children in years, Cartoon Network’s Ben 10, is headed for a live-action theatrical release thanks to mega producer Joel Silver. For those who don’t have children – or just aren’t willing to admit that they still watch cartoons – Ben 10 follows the exploits of Ben Tennyson, who is on a summer-long vacation with his cousin Gwen and their grandfather Max, traveling cross country in Max’s RV dubbed “The Rust Bucket”. However, everything is changed when Ben - while walking through the woods - sees what appears to be a meteorite hit the ground. Yet, upon further inspection, Ben soon realises that it’s actually a case carrying a strange looking wrist watch called an Omnitrix, an object which contains the DNA of ten different kinds of aliens (the 10 in Ben 10 - referring to the aliens and his last name of Tennyson).

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Quagmire4724d ago

This has the potential to be a great film.

darklordzor4724d ago

I think that could be interesting. I actually really enjoyed watching Ben 10 and found myself watching it whenever it was on...and I'm an adult! The story is intriguing and not your normal superhero type stuff, though essentially that's what it is. If they don't dumb it down specifically for kids they could make this work.

Sahil4724d ago (Edited 4724d ago )

Another interesting thing to look out for :)

alycakes4723d ago

I've never heard of it and it sounds wonderful. I know I must live in a box much as I know about some things, I'm totally in the dark about other stuff.

I will be looking forward to this if, like darklordzor says, they don't make it too child like.

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