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Gerard Butler-Starrer 'Machine Gun Preacher' From Lionsgate

EXCLUSIVE: Relativity Media will be taking over from Lionsgate the North American distribution of the Marc Forster-directed Machine Gun Preacher. Relativity Media will set a fall release and is expected to platform the picture for Oscar season. Early word is that Forster might have pulled a performance out of Gerard Butler akin to the one Halle Berry turned in for Monster's Ball.

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alycakes4077d ago

I'm glad he's doing something serious. I love his smile but I do think he does his best acting when he does serious roles. This is a story that has heart and I've seen him do stuff like this before and he's wonderful....I can't wait to see it.

neoragex4073d ago

Yes, agree he looks like an actor when he does serious movies 300, rocknrolla.. can't wait for this to come out!

alycakes4073d ago

There's a movie he did called 'Dear Frankie' if anyone hasn't seen's a good serious one to see.