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TMP Reviews: Super 8

From TMP:

After months of anticipation, J.J. Abrams' love letter to the works of Steven Spielberg has found its way to the big screen. But is the film the next Close Encounters, or another Kingdom of the Crystal Skull disaster? Time to shine an Abrams-approved lens flare on one of the years biggest films!

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JL4072d ago

I just got to watch this earlier and I do have to say it was indeed a good movie. I do see several overrating this, possibly due to the nostalgia factor...? I think I'd agree more along the 7.5-8 rating that Rotten Tomatoes holds.

Still definitely an enjoyable movie. I liked the nostalgic feeling of it, taking you back to such movies as E.T. and Stand By Me, etc. I thought most of the acting was good. And did enjoy Charles as he provided some laughs of sorts. Though he did get on my nerves with that "mint" stuff.

Actions scenes were cool, that train sequence especially. I do feel that the ending was a bit rushed and abrupt, though. And a couple minor pacing issues.

Definitely worth the viewing, though. Especially for those that grew up loving such movies as Spielberg's earlier work.

TheCritic284072d ago

The ending gave me a huge Close Encounters vibe. That movie ends pretty abruptly as well.

Soldierone4072d ago

This is one of my most favorite movies! I loved it. The beginning could of developed a little faster, but thats the only complaint I really had.

In a way I wanted the monster to kill and eat more people, but at the same time I love the fact it wasn't all about action. It was simply just a well made movie in every aspect. He shows what movies continue to fail on a weekly basis. Develop characters, have a deep story driven movie, and extremely high production value.

Other than the beginning the only thing Id get rid of is the fat kid.

4072d ago