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‘Falling Skies’ Advance Review: Pilot - TVoTV

The Voice Of TV: One of the hardest genres to pull off in the world of television is science fiction. We have our winners (LOST, Battlestar: Galactica), our losers (FlashForward, Manimal), and our in-betweens (modern Star Trek). This past season the big sci-fi event came from NBC with ‘The Event‘ which turned out to be the dud it was never planned to be. There is some talk the series might resurface elsewhere, but moving on the series was not exactly the sci-fi thrill ride we wanted. An interesting premise with poor execution. Viewers are now turning to TNT in hopes that we can find a sci-fi love post-LOST. From what we were able to get from the two hour series premiere of ‘Falling Skies‘, our hopes are not lost (no pun intended). (spoiler free review)

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Nes_Daze4073d ago

Definitely watching this soon, glad to see a positive review.

alycakes4072d ago

I've been looking forward to it myself. I have a good feeling about it and I hope it makes it. So many shows that start out looking like they just can't fail sometimes don't get the right kind of reviews but so far TNT has had very good luck with their shows.

JL4072d ago

Of the two Spielberg-produced TV shows coming up, I'd have to say Terra Nova is the one I'm actually more interested in. This does seem interesting enough that I'll have to maybe at least give it a shot.