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‘United States of Tara’ Review: Crunchy Ice - TVoTV

The Voice Of TV: Drastic changes are a’comin’ to the Gregson household. Despite sticking by her for so many years, Max is facing challenges that we question if he can overcome. He’s always had the help of both his kids, no matter their thoughts on the matter. Last week both wanted out of the life. Kate already made steps this season to distance herself by taking up a flight attendant job, though she still resides at home. Marshall, after losing a close friend and finding himself “under constant attack,” tells Max at the conclusion of the last episode that he wants out of the house. Neil and Char, having found out that Bryce kidnapped “Wheels” for an afternoon are beginning to distance themselves as well. More importantly though, Bryce is sticking true to his word by killing off Tara’s alters.

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