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FilmWatch Review of X-Men: First Class

'First Class' lacks the pizzazz of its predecessors but makes up for it with substance.

Delivering a strong character-driven story, First Class presents a captivating tale that delivers plenty of enjoyment and thrills. Despite lacking in the style department a bit, the substance definitely makes up for it and makes this one for fans of the genre to definitely check out. Providing a breath of fresh air to the franchise, previous fans will be delighted and First Class provides some definite hope for the future of the franchise.

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alycakes4073d ago

I enjoyed the movie very much but I do agree that it lacked something in the beginning. I guess while it was trying to tell us a story about each individual so we could be more familiar with their background, I was feeling a little left out in the 'show me some mutant action' department.

It did tell a good story and answered some questions that had come up in previous X-Men movies so all in all I came out of the theater satisfied with it.

-Superman-4073d ago

I am only one who dident like it?
First. All new actors, it make it bad. Dont like movie remakes
I knew ending, its prequel movie, i hate it.
Story dsoent connect with old movies.

No_Pantaloons4072d ago

It was hit and miss both at the same time. There was some very cool action, like anytime magneto uses his powers. But the focus is spread way too far.

Between telling the tale of prof x and magneto, and that of creating the xmen team, plus the villians and their agenda, there was no time for introductions with so many characters. They went ahead and tried adding personal stories, but it seems really tacked on.

Some of their picks just make no sense, like the firefly girl which just seemed to lower the entire movie into B level production. And others who could have been great like nightcrawler's father aren't even given speaking lines or backstories because there's simply no time for it.

If they wanna do things right, they need to set some realistic limits as to how much info they can relay to an audience in a given time. It was hard for casual audiences to keep up before, and now they're using even less known characters and trying to fit in a dozen or so, it just doesn't work.