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The Dark Knight Rises Cast Adds Josh Stewart

Cinemablend: Josh Stewart, known for his role as Arkin in The Collector and parts in television shows like Criminal Minds and No Ordinary Family, has joined the cast of The Dark Knight Rises

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darklordzor4073d ago

Hey JL wasn't this something we were just talking about? :)

JL4072d ago

lol Yes it is. But at least this hasn't reached like 250+ degrees like some of these things tends to.

darklordzor4072d ago

Ha! I know right. That's what I was just thinking.

Quagmire4072d ago

Whats the 30th new actor announced?

alycakes4072d ago

I like him. I was hoping he'd be having a bigger part in Criminal Minds but it never happened. Then they announce JJ was coming back so that got my hopes up again....but I guess not.