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The Boondock Saints 3 Coming To TV

Director Troy Duffy has announced that he has plans to bring The Boondock Saints to TV. And not only that, but it will be on a network like HBO or AMC, allowing for all the violence and language that fans could ask for.

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JL4079d ago

Sounds awesome to me. I'll take more Boondock Saints any way I can get it. I hope they bring back Dafoe for this as well. Or at least Benz.

Megaton4079d ago

I still haven't seen the 2nd movie. I heard mixed things about it from my fellow fans of the first movie.

alycakes4079d ago

You've got to watch the second's very good. I'm so excited to see that they are going to do this...question is...will they be using the same actors?

I kept waiting for a Boondock Saints 3 but if they use the same actors this is even better.

JL4078d ago

I'd definitely check it out if you liked the first. No, it's not as good as the first one. But I still found it enjoyable.

darklordzor4079d ago

I really hope the TV show is more like the first film, than the second. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the second movie, but it seemed to lose all of the depth and emotion that the first film had. Either way, I'd be very glad to take it, especially if they're bringing in the original actors for the show.

JL4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

I will agree the first was better than the second. I wouldn't say it lost the depth and emotion of the first one. In some ways it had more: with the backstory of the dad and all that stuff. I think my problem was that it just felt sloppier than the first. Like the writing wasn't as good and wasn't as clever.

But yea, I still enjoyed it. Just not quite as much as the first one. I think part of that was also due to the absence of Dafoe. Though, I think Benz did pretty well, just she was no Smecker.

alycakes4078d ago

I really like Dafoe too but I love Billy Connolly so I guess that's why I enjoyed the second one too.