7 Movies You (Probably) Didn't Know Were Based Off of Books

From TMP:

Here at TMP I’ve had a couple articles dealing with books and movie adaptations. Inevitably one of the comments I always get on these articles say something to the effect of “I didn’t even know that was based off a book!” Sometimes those adaptations can sneak up on you and unless you really watch the credits you would never know. So I’ve compiled a list of movies you most likely didn’t know were based off of books.

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darklordzor3221d ago

I guess Jaws could have gone on here as well...But it always amazes me the amount of people that don't know it was a book first. Just boggles my mind!

CobraKai3221d ago

Or that it was inspired by actual events

Christopher3221d ago

Eh, I don't know that Jaws was based on a book, but I'm not bothered by it. Honestly, just wouldn't care to even look up if there was a book. Definitely saw the movie first, though, which came out before my I was even born.

I didn't know Die Hard was a book first. Will have to check that out after I'm done with the Song of Fire and Ice series.

darklordzor3220d ago

The Jaws book is incredible and worth reading if you get the chance. It's about the only time in a book where my heart was literally racing. It's well done.

Yeah the Die Hard one caught me by surprise as well. I couldn't believe it at first.

Christopher3220d ago

Really? I might have to add it to my lengthy list of "Books I should read but likely never will get around to reading" if it's that good.

CobraKai3221d ago

I knew Die Hard With a Vengeance (my personal favorite) was based off of a book, but I never knew the original Die Hard was as well.

Nes_Daze3221d ago

never knew about the diehard books.

darklordzor3220d ago

Yeah, since the books don't actually call themselves Die Hard it's hard to know.

JL3221d ago

Definitely didn't know Die Hard was a book. Nor did I know Shrek was a book either.

I did know Neverending Story, History of Violence and Road to Perdition were books/comic books.

Loved Neverending Story when I was a kid. Road to Perdition and History of Violence I didn't know about until about a year or so ago.

darklordzor3220d ago

Yeah Shrek took me by total surprise. I was actually watching Shrek Forever After on HBO a few nights ago and while sitting through the credits I saw the phrase that said "Based on the book by..." I was shocked. I never knew.

alycakes3220d ago

I didn't know about the Die Hard either. The rest I did but I didn't read any except The Neverending Story but I've seen all the movies.