LRA: Tractor Tire Award of the Week - Super 8

LRA writes: I would like to state up front that none of these missing scenes for Super 8 are very important but their importance isn't why we do this here at LRA. It is all about keeping record of things that were shown to us and then later removed, the classic bait and switch if you will. And Mr. Abrams has provided a few moments for us to look into with the first (and most important?) being that sexy walk this mysterious girl from the trailer did (note: we now know this to be Charles's older sister). This is of course taking place after the town has been evacuated and all the residents are hold up at the local airport. While the scene it is connected to is still present in the final film, this lead up to that scene was cut out. In the final version we just see Charles's sister sit down next to a then unknown man and start talking to him. Why was this cut...who knows. My two cents are on the fact that they wanted to keep who she was talking to as a surprise and this shot clearly shows you who she is walking up to.

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