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Your Highness Hits DVD and Blu-ray This August

Universal have announced that the action-comedy Your Highness will be releasing on DVD and Blu-ray later this summer. The medieval adventure starring James Franco, Danny McBride and Natalie Portman will release on August 9, 2011. Furthermore, we’ll get to see the never-before-seen unrated version in all its hilarity when the movie hits shelves.

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-MD-4492d ago

Pains me to say but I really can't recommend it at all even with the amazing cast. It might be worth watching if you plan on getting stoned with a friend but it actually killed my high 10 minutes into the movie and that doesn't happen often.

All the good jokes are in the trailers too so if you've seen those you've seen the movie.

JL4491d ago

See, that might benefit me in that case. I didn't really watch the trailers for this one. Mainly because it didn't seem to interest me all that greatly. On the other hand, it does interest me enough that it could seem like a decent choice to have Netflix ship to me. So I'm sure I'll watch it and go that route (definitely not buy it though).

-MD-4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

If you haven't seen the trailer or any clips like you said then you might actually dig it. There's probably 5-6 good solid bits throughout the film.

I'd watch it in your case. I'm actually a little jealous that I didn't get to experience it that way.

JL4491d ago

lol Yea, I'm starting to learn not to watch trailers for comedies. Don't really get much out of it, and lots of times it can ruin the movie. For instance, Due Date. Every funny moment in that movie had already been in the trailers and I really didn't laugh during the movie itself. Of course, didn't help that it wasn't a good movie to begin with.

-MD-4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

I'm trying not to watch trailers for most of the upcoming comedies too but some are hard to resist. I think I ruined 30 Minutes or Less because I watched the trailer twice lol.

The best trailers are the ones that show you some funny bits and are completely different from the final version of the film. Recently I read that's how they did Bridesmaids so I'm hoping that's true because I watched that trailer too.


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