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"Spider-Man" Producer Laura Ziskin Dies Of Cancer

Laura Ziskin, the Hollywood producer who helped turn "Pretty Woman" heroine Julia Roberts into a star and brought "Spider-Man" to the big screen, died on Sunday after a public battle with breast cancer. She was 61

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darklordzor4555d ago

Very sad to hear this. She was such a champion for her cause that it's sad to see her pass. Hopefully her legacy will live on though.

alycakes4554d ago

Yes she was the one that got that Stand Up To Cancer started. Very sad especially at her age.

Soldierone4554d ago

That is pretty young. However its nice to see she at least has some successful goals accomplished before she passed away. I hate cancer, it runs deep in my family, so I always feel bad hearing these stories.

reznik_zerosum4554d ago

if u have person with cancer in your family,there is a 20% chance that u will get one.I however cant have one,because im cat,cat from space that is.