Some Dark Knight Rises Tidbits From Fans in England & Pittsburgh

AICN says:

Hey folks, Harry here... Got my nephew for the next couple of days. Right now - he's watching the Marx Brothers classic ANIMAL CRACKERS - and I'm checking the email to see what I can see, but usually Sundays are pretty damn slow... However, today I got two separate and completely different tidbits regarding THE DARK KNIGHT RISES which is currently shooting over in England, but will soon be shooting in Pittsburgh.

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alycakes4075d ago

This is kinda cool when you can find out any little thing about it...I've actually ordered stuff from the Comic shop Forbidden Planet he mentions over there in the UK.....small world.

darklordzor4075d ago

I'm getting tired of these bits and pieces "news" scoops from TDKR. I'd rather just wait at this point and get a bigger picture, than try and decipher all the stuff these witnesses are claiming they see.

JL4075d ago

It's like I've said before, this movie is so big and so anticipated that people are just clamoring for anything concerning the film. This is only exacerbated by how Nolan likes to play things close to the vest for the most part.

It's like all those casting details that have come out. Somebody gets cast for the role of "gypsy girl" and suddenly that bit part becomes hot news like it's this huge significant role to the movie or something. Even the bit parts are blown out of proportion when news is released about them.

darklordzor4074d ago

LOL, very true. Everyone is assuming that all of the casting announcements that come out are for big parts. Even though they are bigger names, doesn't mean they'll have big roles. Or just because the role is small (maybe a line or two) it doesn't do anything important. I for one, think most of the roles are going to be much smaller than people think. That's why I'm not one of the people thinking it's "over-crowded".