LRA: Battle Los Angeles - Blu-ray Review

LRA writes: Battle: L.A. is not a fantastic or even great movie. It has many problems (mostly concerning the characterizations) but even after a third viewing I find that it accomplished what it set out to do. Which is to be as a realistic a take on the alien invasion movie formula that has ever been attempted before. The action is well done, the actors all embody what I consider to be your stereotypical grunt and the aliens themselves were fairly unique. I think a lot of people that didn't care for it upon their initial viewing might end up liking it a little better on a second viewing once they have come to grips with what the movie is as opposed to what they wanted it to be.

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Soldierone4489d ago

Anybody want to buy the movie and let me have the Resistance demo? Lol Movie was so horrible, but I want the demo pretty badly. I hope its just a voucher or something so I could pawn it off someone else mahahaha

Nes_Daze4488d ago

Heard horrible things about this movie..sad...it had SOME potential.


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