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9.0 | X-Men: First Class Review

Film: It uses the themes of the previous movies to build an intelligent, fast-paced, and highly entertaining prequel.

Christopher4752d ago

Saw this two weeks ago on our usual Friday Date Night. I enjoyed it, but my wife's #1 complaint was that it was too much talking, not enough action :p

JL4752d ago

I can understand that complaint. I thought it was pretty well written, though and the story behind it was intriguing, so the lack of action didn't affect me so much.

darklordzor4752d ago

Yeah, I was actually surprised at how much action there was. I was expecting it to be far slower with fewer action pieces. With that frame of mind I was very happy and surprised at all there was in there.

DarkBlood4752d ago

damn man that sounds like a cool wife u got there lol

while im more of an action guy my self i quite enjoy this movie for the story this time compared to the other x-men films with partial exception to wolverines origins

Defectiv3_Detectiv34752d ago

I liked the way they tried to expand on the concept, but ultimately the film still falls into the same traps as it's predecessors. I was really disappointed because I liked the direction they were headed, but then the film gets bogged with too many lame characters and some Twilight antics. The ending didn't have nearly the impact it should have.

krazykombatant4752d ago

I can agree with just the thing about the ending. It should have been a bigger and better climax than the missiles being fired at them.

However, i'm not a huge xmen buff, but i know that the diamond girl is a character, but is she supposed to be a telepath? And idk maybe its just me but it would have been nicer if they had some cooler mutants. The devil/nightcrawler/whatever he was that was kinda nice.

Idk some of the mutants felt weird. A male storm... meh idk it was a pretty good movie. Better than the Iron Man movies.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34752d ago

The superheroes did feel a little outlandish, like they were trying to play up the campy angle a bit too much. Especially with the modest budget they had to work with, some of the effects didn't hold up. Even worse, the 'First Class' was so underdeveloped I didn't care about them, and I certainly didn't believe their motives for switching allegances either.

And I'm not sure what tepathy has to do with 'diamond skin', or why Havok fought with glowing hoola hoops, or why there was some chick spitting fireballs. The less said about Darwin the better. As much as I hate to say it, I also thought Rose Byrne's character was unecessary. There are like 5 credited screenwriters for this film and it shows. Vaughn did a decent job under the circumstances.

alycakes4752d ago

I usually like the more action and less talking too but in a new movie I also want to get to know my characters. This one....even though we'd seen X-Men, we knew little about their origin so I didn't mind too much listening to the story at the beginning but I do remember it being slow starting.

darklordzor4752d ago

I loved this movie. Personally felt it's one of the better comic book movies around. And easily my favorite from Marvel's camp. I enjoyed the set-up and am anxious to see what else they can do with it now.


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