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The 10 Best Movie Twist Endings of the Decade

Movieline writes:
Our cornucopia of decade’s end lists continues now with the Twist List: The best twist-endings and third-act mindblowings from the last ten years. They’re the cherries on your Manoj sundae, and they’re after the jump.

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-MD-4075d ago

The rickroll at the end was ruined because the video automatically started. Better luck next time I guess?

I liked the twist ending to Gone Baby Gone. I went straight to IMDB after watching the film to see what everyone thought about it.

CobraKai4075d ago

I know. Once I heard the music I scrolled down past everything to see what it was.

I figured out Identity before the ending and I had a feeling about the twist for the village but I was hoping it wasn't true.... it turned out to be true.

I can't believe The Village made it but not the 6th Sense.

JL4075d ago

The Sixth Sense was 1999. So, I'm guessing it didn't fall into the time frame of this piece. Still don't understand how The Village made it, though.

CobraKai4074d ago

Oh it was? My mistake. Man that makes me feel old.

JL4075d ago

The Village? Please. That wasn't a good twist. That was a crap ending. Seriously, it was a cheesy twist that was even poorly executed. Felt very tacked on and contrived just for the sake of having a twist.

And I'd hardly call that "twist" at the end of The Departed a twist. It was just more of a gotcha moment.

Shutter Island would've been a much better choice than either of those two. The Life of David Gale is one I'd put above either of those as well.

newn4gguy4074d ago

The Village had a great twist. I'm sorry, man. It was.

alycakes4075d ago

I agree with you on The Village....the was the dumbest thing ever but the twist on the Prestige was good. That one did surprise me a bit. Also Gone Baby Gone surprised me and I don't know what I would have done if I had been put in that position....would I have let them get away with it know she was better off with them then with her own mother? I don't know.

MinimeJer054074d ago

I saw the "Twist" for Gone Baby Gone within the first 20 minutes or so.

I will give The Departed and The Prestige some credit though.

JL4074d ago

Again, I really really don't consider the end of The Departed to be a twist ending. A twist ending implies a plot device that presents some type of revelation or change that possibly change's your views on the entire events leading up to the end or giving new meaning to said events.

The ending of The Departed does not do that. All that is is a gotcha moment. It would be like saying "Empire" has a twist ending because John Leguizamo got killed. Or even like saying Halloween has a twist ending because you think Michael is dead, but then he sits up (or disappears). Those are simply gotcha moments.

A twist ending echoes and resonates back throughout the events leading up to it. A gotcha moment simply is a type of situation that brings a "forgotten" issue back to the foreground. A good example being when someone thinks they've gotten off free and suddenly "Boo! Remember me? Gotcha!".

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The story is too old to be commented.