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Green Lantern Roundtable Cast Interview at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted the roundtable audio with the cast for the upcoming "Green Lantern" which stars Ryan Reynolds as cocky test pilot Hal Jordin who becomes an elite guardian.
The Press Conference had some audio issues at the source but has plenty of good stuff.

alycakes4647d ago

Well guys, I've already got my movie tickets for Friday and and my Green Lantern light up I'm ready! I'm fired up for this movie. I know it's going to be good....mark my word.

Garethvk4647d ago

We get to screen it Wednesday so I am looking forward to it. My wife does not know the comic very well so I am curious what she will say. I have a passing knowledge. Sinestro is the bad guy his ring has no power over yellow, what the Guardians and Lanters are and that Hal is cocky and did not want the job.

artsaber4647d ago

Not sure why i didn't care much for it in the past. I guess other superheroes just seemed much more cool than Green Lantern to me. I'll check out the reviews i guess. Alycakes & Garethvk, maybe you can post your opinions after you see it.

Garethvk4647d ago

I am under embargo until it opens but I will have the review ready.

alycakes4647d ago

I always let everyone know my thought on movies after I see them anyway. I'm really excited about this one but I didn't follow the comic on this one either.

The only comics I used to follow and then stopped after a while were Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. I really just got back into the other comic book heros after they started making the movies about them and started reading a little about each one when they would make a movie.

The only problem is that they have different versions of each super hero. Some have gone by as many as 4 or 5 names thru the years and I surely can't keep up with all the villians they have so I just stick to the movies now. I do still have a few choice comics that I've kept.....a couple that STAN LEE himself has autographed for me and some that I just like but that's all.

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