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WatchVideoGames: Top 10 Must See Korean Movies

WVG writes:
We here at WVG are dedicated to bringing you the latest news and media from the gaming world, but we are also huge film nerds as well. So occasionally we will break from the script and write an article about film or television. Hey IGN does it, can’t we be as cool as IGN? Probably not, but we’ll try our damndest.
Some of the best movies the last 20 years have come out of South Korea. The industry doesn’t have much money to fund a lot of bs projects like Hollywood does so they have to pick and choose their scripts so what you get is a lot of quality. They also take more chances and are tragic in nature, happy endings in Korean films are rare which is something Hollywood frowns upon, but it makes for more truthful cinema. To limit it to just 10 is criminal, but here we go.

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reznik_zerosum4081d ago

hehe i watched all of them,check out this titles that are not in the list : Man From Nowhere,Host,I Saw The Devil,Good Bad And The Weird,Mother.Films from South Korea in last 10 years present probably most vital film industry in the world.

reznik_zerosum4081d ago

and yes im space cat,so i cant be wrong.Peace

gaffyh4081d ago

I expected to see the Host on this list, but it wasn't. That's a great movie though.