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The Pacific's James Badge Dale Joins Brad Pitt In World War Z

CinemBlend says:

Even though Brad Pitt has been attached to star since June 2006, World War Z, the adaptation of Max Brooks's novel about "the zombie war," has had a hell of a time getting made. As recently as this March Paramount was looking for a co-financier to help make the massive movie possible-- budgeted at over $125 million, World War Z will mimic the book's exhaustive account of the zombie apocalypse, and those giant battle scenes don't come cheap.

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alycakes4552d ago

I love James Badge Dale. The only reason he's available for this is because they didn't renew his show on AMC Rubicon. Every time I get caught up in a series....they cancel it. They probably cancelled it because it was one of those that you had to watch and follow really close and think because it had to do with spying and deep, dark secrets from very high places in government and big companies. I know it sounds boring but it was so interesting the way they made was suspensful...people were getting killed or killing themselves before someone got to them first.

I just know that my husband wouldn't watch it because he had to think too much. I didn't care, I watched it because it was probably so close to real life compared to other shows.

Crazay4552d ago

He was good in The Pacific, this role shouldn't be too far a stretch for him.

alycakes4552d ago

I guess I'll have to rent or get The Pacific...I've heard about it but I guess it was on HBO or Showtime because I didn't get to watch it.

AstroZombie14552d ago

World War Z movie awesome I loved the book.

alycakes4551d ago

I just got the book so I can read it but I have to finish The Hunger Games first then I'll start on that one.


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