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Bone-idle : X-Men First Class Review

Bone-idle writes "Like all good re-boots FIRST CLASS goes a little further than the previous movies by presenting a proper back-story for Professor Charles Xavier/Professor X (McAvoy), Erik Lehnsherr /Magneto (Fassbender) and Raven/Mystique (Lawrence). This is very interesting as it shows the friendship and camaraderie that was evident between these characters from their initial origins. It is all this attention to character development that sets this above the last few X-MEN related movies"

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alycakes4081d ago

The only thing I didn't understand is if Professor X was in a wheel chair that early in his life what was he doing walking in one of the X-Men movies when he and Magneto went to go see Jean when she was a little girl at her house. He was older in that movie.