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FleshEatingZipper Reviews Super 8

FleshEatingZipper writes: There’s a point in Super 8 where our hero Joe (Joel Courtney) is standing on a porch with Alice (elle Fanning), the cute girl he has a crush on, asking her to finish his friend’s film. Of course, during their last adventure, they ended up in the midst a traumatic train wreck. (The kids seem relatively unshaken after the fact, but whatever.) Her deadbeat drunkard of a dad pulls up, recognizes Joe as the ‘the deputy’s boy’ and tells him to fozz off, never to come up here again. Rather than obey, he stands there like a stupid puppy. She agrees to continue filming her role, but only after he continues to idle with a dumb look on his face. It’s this false tension and anti-climax that sums up Super 8.

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