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Wolfman Rebooted

Moviehole writes:
Universal were considering doing a sequel to the recent – god awful – ”The Wolfman”, which featured Benicio del Toro as the sharp-clawed Talbot – that’s no longer the case. Michael Tabb’s script is being rewritten and reworked to be an original film – almost a reboot of the classic Universal monster movie series.
If anything, this new film – they’ve yet to decide on a title though I hear “Werewolf” is popular -will share a link to the original George Waggner film (from 1941) rather than Joe Johnston’s ill-fated 2009 remake.

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-MD-4076d ago

Wolfman wasn't that bad... I thought it was decent.

CobraKai4076d ago

I actually thought it was great, prolly due to the sissy wolfmen of Twilight, but it was far from god-awful

-Superman-4075d ago

Reboot,reboot and now 3rd reboot.

xVeZx4076d ago

yeah the wolfman wasnt terrible...sure it was great..they are probably going to make it like more for teens or some crap...twilight: werewolves only edition

alycakes4076d ago

I want it to be remade. I liked it but I know it could have been better, scarier, creepier....maybe with a different plot. Not anything like Twilight...I mean something with real substance.

zackacloud4076d ago

No it rererererererereboot

I have heard about wolfman movies since I was zero.LOL just kidding

The last movie was just medicore.

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