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Storyline for 'The Hangover 3' Already Set in Place?

Zach Galifianakis claims that whilst no full script is written, a third installment to 'The Hangover' franchise is on its way. Galifianakis claims there are thorough talks, and a storyline centered around an escape plot for Alan already in existence.

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BubbleSniper4077d ago

I can hear the cows moo are starting to get louder.

darklordzor4076d ago

Hmmm...I'd be glad to see the movies go in a different direction. Something I wish they would have done for the second movie. The guys themselves are funny characters to follow, so using them in different scenarios could really work.

alycakes4076d ago

That's exactly what I think. If they would just put them into different scenerios it would be worth going to see but not if they're dumb enough to do the same thing again.

darklordzor4076d ago

Yeah, they need to try something new. Hopefully they'll get the chance to do so, as I'm willing to give them another shot at it all. I think it's a great group. Oh and Doug needs to do more.

artsaber4076d ago

They will let part 3 be its own movie. But I am sure by the time it comes around again, I will be in need for another laugh. So I will probably be guilty in going to see it, no matter the reviews.