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Fall TV Mystery: Who'll Be House's New Boss?

TVLine: It’s a job we wouldn’t wish on anyone in the medical community: lording over the brilliant if bullheaded Dr. Gregory House. And yet it is a position that must be filled, given that Fox’s House is heading into its next season sans Lisa Edelstein as Princeton Plainsboro’s Dean of Medicine, Dr. Lisa Cuddy. What sort of superior should the show introduce to keep House in check? Female, male? Prickly, hunky? We have some ideas….

alycakes4737d ago

Tim Roth might give him a run for his money....but none of the others would be any good for the part. No, they need to get a man and he needs to be as nasty and mean and hateful as House. He needs to be able to push back as hard when House pushes him. Season 8 needs to end on a good note if it's going to be the last season. That means that House needs to learn something from all this after all these years....he can't just get away with all these temper tantrums and games he likes to play with people.

Merivigian4735d ago

House is a boss, I don't know what you guys are talking about. ;)

(It'll be interesting to see who gets the part though)


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