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‘Franklin & Bash’ Review: She Came Upstairs To Kill Me - TVoTV

The Voice Of TV: Some may have felt the Pilot episode had too fast of a pace throughout trying to impress us on what the show promises to do. That pace is taken down a notch or two in the second episode with a focus more on one case rather than multiple ones. This week Natalie Zea (Justified) guest stars as a wife accused of murdering her old but wealthy husband. The kicker here is that it wasn’t a knife, a gun, or even a good ol’ fashion drowning that was the supposed cause of the murder; instead it was a case of woman who pleasured her husband just a wee bit too much.

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alycakes4077d ago

I watched the episode and it was good. I sort of enjoy the show just because nothing else is on right now but it's not the greatest show ever. I'd give it up in a second for one of my other shows that I really love to watch...just all reruns right now.