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‘South Park’ Review: You’re Getting Old - TVoTV

The Voice Of TV: I adore the title of this week’s episode, as it is the exact label I would use to describe modern day South Park. ”You’re Getting Old” could not describe it better. For the third consecutive week, South Park‘s message was clear and worthy to discuss but once again fails to entertain the viewers the way it once could – with laughs and genuine watercooler chit chat. It is however an improvement over last week’s. With this being the midseason finale, maybe things are looking up but I wouldn’t advise you to hold your breath.

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Megaton4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

I don't see why you keep reviewing the show. You seem to be bitter about every episode, kinda like Stan.

Last night's episode was hilarious and might signal a big change for the series, including a possible end.

-MD-4077d ago

I thought it was hilarious too. The movie trailer spoofs were amazing. Pretty sad times though as it seems we're nearing the end of South Park (after the contract goes up in 2013 of course).

Ryangp4077d ago

That sucks, atleast they're ending it on a high unlike simpsons and two and a half men

braydon6194077d ago

i'm sorry but i disagree about two and half men... that's show has stayed pretty much the same since the start. Always funny with it's kind of humor. Now when we get the new season is when it could change, but if you've ever watched that 70's show you'll know kutcher should fit right in and i personally think it'll be funny still.

Thecraft19894077d ago

Two and half men will not be same without charlie

zeddy4077d ago

the voice of tv you are definitely not, everyone moans about south park these days, you'll miss it when its gone because theres else quite like it.

watchvideogames4077d ago

This season has been as good as ever. The writing is as sharp as ever too. This review makes no sense at all South Park is still the funniest show on tv.