5 Television Shows That Need a Video Game

It's truly criminal that these 5 television shows have not sparked the interest of video game developers.

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-MD-4087d ago

No shows or movies need video games. They always turn out terrible.

alycakes4086d ago

Since I don't do games anyway....ditto!

CobraKai4086d ago

They do turn out terrible, but I have been tinkering with ideas for a Dexter game. A full Miami to roam and stalk murderers. Different ways to find the best person to murder. Oh and move/kinect support, how cool would it be when they are on your table and you do that stabbing motion.

What about a Hawaii 5-0 game? I love that show.

Crazay4086d ago

Dexter has a game already

OSIRUSSS4086d ago

Fringe could make an awesome game.