Thomas Gibson's Fate On 'Criminal Minds' Still In Limbo As Production Start Looms

Exactly one month before CBS' Criminal Minds is scheduled to start production on its upcoming 7th season, there is still no deal for co-star Thomas Gibson. And word is that talks between the actor and CBS have stalled. That is creating an issue for the series' writers who convened at the beginning of last week to break stories and work on scripts for next season.

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alycakes4087d ago

I love this show and I've watched it since it began. I can't imagine it without Thomas Gibson. I hope CBS can work something out with him. The whole team needs to be together for it to work...that's just the way it is when you're used to seeing it that way. I know it sound dumb but when you get used to characters it's hard to let go.

One of the characters that all but one team member thinks is dead is coming back in and JJ who left last year is coming back so it would be sad not to have them all together.