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Conan O'Brien & George Lopez To Guest On Each Other's Shows

Deadline: After 8 months as slot mates on TBS, Conan O'Brien and George Lopez's bromance still seems to be going strong. For the first time in late night television two back-to-back hosts will guest on each other's shows on the same night on the same network when O'Brien appears on Lopez Tonight and Lopez on Conan on Thursday.

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-MD-4077d ago

Conan beard > Clean shaven. I agree.

alycakes4077d ago

He does kinda look good in it...doesn't he? I'm not crazy about George Lopez though.

CobraKai4077d ago

neither am I. I dunno, maybe I just can't relate to his jokes. Not to sound racist or anything

-MD-4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

I liked Lopez's old show and his talk show during the first few months of it being on air. Now it's pretty annoying to watch though because they ran out of decent ideas so I avoid it.

alycakes4077d ago

I just don't think he's funny...never have. My son has met him because he's a golfer and he's been to tournaments where he's been but he's no big deal to me.

BubbleSniper4077d ago

George Lopez is not funny at all. his material is dry, recycled, refurbished. Whatever you want to call it.

It's also racially related. The guy hardly has the ability to think of something else worth joking about.