Ghostbusters: 27 Years Later

FleshEatingZipper says: "Can you believe it’s almost been three decades since the original film debuted in theaters? For some, that’s half a life time and for others (like me), well, it is a life time. After watching the movie this morning in light of Ghostbuster’s 27th anniversery, I wondered what the film would have been like if development and production went the way it was supposed to go."

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CobraKai4087d ago

Boy am I glad they didn't go with the original idea, as Ghostbusters became a true classic (I even loved part 2). Although I am curious as to how it would have turned out. Maybe for a remake?

"Two in the box. Ready to go. We be fast and they be slow!"

darklordzor4086d ago

I actually really liked the second one. The ending not nearly as much, but the overall idea of the second film was better than the first. I just don't think the execution was there.

alycakes4087d ago

Yes, I loved the old Ghostbusters...they are classics. I remember going to see them when they came out. The first ghost in the library came as a surprise and actually scared me.

You know they're tearing down the old fire house they used in the movie. I thought they would keep it up but they decided not to because it would take too much money for up keep and renovations....kinda sad.

darklordzor4086d ago

Ha! I remember the first time I saw that scene (I wasn't around when it was in theaters sadly) it scared the crap out of me. It was so scary at the time, but now it's kind of funny to me. Great stuff though.

OSIRUSSS4087d ago

I remember this was the last movie I saw in the theater were people could smoke in theater.

kellykarnetsky4087d ago

Wow, I'm way to young, I never knew they allowed smoking in theaters.

alycakes4087d ago

Yes you are just a baby......

Defectiv3_Detectiv34086d ago

Highest grossing comedy of its day. We might not be getting a new one anytime soon, but maybe the next MiB film can fill that void (yeah MiB2 sucked, but GB2 wasn't much better).

darklordzor4086d ago

I don't know, so far I don't have much faith in MIB3. I'm hopeful, but I'm not exactly holding my breath either. I really want another Ghostbusters though.