Laurence Fishburne Exits ‘CSI’ – ‘Harry’s Law’ Loses Two Main Cast

The Voice Of TV: Whether or not a series gets renewed is merely step one in the process of returning to television another year. Two shows faced this reality this week, as both the original ‘CSI‘ and the now-sophomore drama series ‘Harry’s Law‘ have lost members of their main cast for next season.

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Christopher4087d ago

Don't think the loss to harry's Law will hurt them at all. Bates and Corddry pretty much run the show and both are excellent actors, IMHO.

CobraKai4087d ago

I'm surprised all CSI's are still going. I used to watch and every season on every version it's the same thing. Someone's dead. They find evidence. Montage of evidence being processed. Find a new suspect. He/she says; "Wait! you don't think that I..." More montage. CSI agent says; "the question is..." More montage and they find the killer.

alycakes4087d ago

I never really got into this CSI. I watched CSI Miami. When I did watch it Grissom was on it and I liked him....never saw Fishburne so I really can't say if it's a loss or not.

Harry's Law is a good show and I really can't say that it would be a big loss on their part. It will be a little different but not much. Bates is the star and she pretty much carries the show and she's good.