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'Indiana Jones 5' Is 'Not So Far Off,' Say Shia LaBeouf

Indiana Jones' trip to the "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" wasn't the globe-trotting archeologist's last crusade, it seems; according to franchise co-star Shia LaBeouf, a fifth "Indiana" outing is just around the corner.

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kellykarnetsky4704d ago

I really hope not. I was not a fan of the last Indiana Jones...

darklordzor4704d ago

I actually didn't mind the last Indy movie, but it wasn't my favorite by far. I enjoyed it for what it was, but I wanted so much more out of it. Honestly, I would love to see an Indy 5, if only to see if they can bring it back to where it should be.

JL4704d ago

I'm of the same mind (maybe even slightly more positive). I didn't mind the last Indy movie at all. Wasn't the best, but I still found it a fun adventure movie.

I'd also like to see more, especially given the "remorse" they've shown over the last one.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34703d ago

Oh c'mon JL, you like EVERY movie!

Castor4703d ago

Yea it wasn't great but I didn't think it was that terrible. Indy 5 can easily improve on that.

JL4703d ago

lol Trust me, Detective. I do not like every movie. Search around on here and you'll find plenty that I spoke badly of (some that I've passionately put down as well).

Monsters I didn't like. Human Caterpillar I hated. Avatar I didn't care for. The Fighter disappointed me (except for some of the acting--namely Bale). I hated The Kids Are All Right. I think Citizen Kane is overrated. Due Date I didn't like. The King's Speech I found to be rather boring (though not quite as boring as I expected). From Dusk Till Dawn I didn't like. Pretty much all Shyamalan movies I hate. I'm sure I've pointed out enough that I've never been a fan of the Alien, Terminator or Predator franchises really.

There are plenty I don't like. Those are some I've just recently mentioned on here.

Though, I am more of the type that my level of "decent/mediocre" is more encompassing than some others'. Also, it's just that I'm more likely to comment on here if I enjoyed the movie on some level (or I'm interested in it).

I think it helps that I'm typically a good judge of a movie and thus if it's going to be an "average/mediocre" movie, then I know that going in. So lowered expectations allow me to enjoy it on a "eh, that was mildly entertaining" type of level.

CobraKai4703d ago

I thought I was the only one that liked the last one. I know some people where the movie grew on them, but I liked it right off the bat. For me it made sense to go with the sci fi motif since it was in the 50s.

So yeah, I'm all for Indy 5.

darklordzor4703d ago

I really enjoyed it while watching it in the theaters. It was when I got it on Blu-Ray that I noticed much more of the flaws. Still, overall, I really enjoyed it and thought it was a fun movie.

You're not alone!

alycakes4703d ago

That's the way I feel. I liked the last one only because it brought back the reunion of the character from the first one to make them a family and from that I think there could be a better one ahead.

outwar60104703d ago

hell yh i love the series and hope it comes out soon !!!!

alycakes4703d ago

I've always been partial to movies or shows that have to do with relic hunting. I love the adventure of it all. If they are written well and you get a good director, and good's going to pay for itself.


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