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Paramount Taps 'M:I4' Scribes Appelbaum & Nemec For 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

From Deadline:

After the writing team of Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec revived one Paramount franchise with their script for Mission: Impossible --Ghost Protocol, the studio has tapped them to rewrite another franchise Paramount is hoping to resuscitate.

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darklordzor4078d ago

Yippee! I was really hoping they were further along on this movie than just now hiring writers, but as long as it's moving forward I can't complain.

CobraKai4078d ago

I know. I loved the Jim Henson costumes of the original 2 movies (the 3rd had some awful looking masks). This is a live action movie with CG turtles right?

JL4078d ago

The turtles are going to be done in a hybrid style last I heard. Something about using actors and stuntmen in turtle suits for action scenes, and the CGI for the face. I'm not sure about the exact details (nor am I sure that the filmmakers have figured it out completely either). But it will be a hybrid technique for the turtles (while the movie itself is, in fact, live action).

CobraKai4078d ago

Did they do something like that for the Pirates of the Carribean movies?

darklordzor4077d ago

I have a strong feeling this will end up going to mo-cap. Where you still have the stunt man doing the acting and fighting work, but then do the CGI over the top of them. It's so common anymore in films that require these type of creature (like Davy Jones and his crew on Pirates).

JL4078d ago

Not sure. I mean obviously some CGI work was done for the mermaids. But the way Peter Laird talks, it seems they're trying new techniques with the hybrid stuff.

darklordzor4077d ago

All I want is for the Shredder to be back. The last two movies were Shredder-less and I think it suffered for that. We need more of the Foot-Clan. God I'm such a nerd, but I can't help myself.

CobraKai4077d ago

Embrace your nerdhood. I did. I miss Shred-head. I thought it was cool seeing his helmet in TMNT next to the TGRI capsule and the scepter that sent the turtles to fuedal japan

darklordzor4077d ago

Yep, that was one of my favorite moments. Because it let you know that they weren't entirely ignoring all of the other stuff, but were moving past it as well.

They need to bring back Kevin Nash for the Super Shredder!

Solidus187-SCMilk4077d ago

the first 2 turtles movies were awesome

RavageX4077d ago

Super Shredder needs to stay far away. Regular Shredder will do just fine. I wonder if they are going to take a more serious route, the 2000 cartoon was surprisingly well mixed, I thought I'd hate it seeing as the only Turtles I knew were the ones I grew up with(COWABUNGA!!!).

darklordzor4077d ago

LOL. I know, we should keep Super Shredder back. I do agree with you on the 2000 cartoon. I was surprised at how much I really enjoyed it. I liked the tone and direction they went with it. I too grew up with the old school cartoon and even have them on DVD. I've been watching them with my toddler now.

Castor4077d ago

TMNT was the first movie I ever saw in theater. Almost looking forward to a remake ah!

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