'Paul' Beams Onto DVD and Blu-ray This Summer

Today, Universal Studios Home Entertainment announced DVD and Blu-ray release dates for Paul. The sci-fi comedy will hit shelves late this summer on August 9, 2011. The movie will release on DVD and a Blu-ray Combo Pack. Both will feature the theatrical version as well as an unrated version of the movie.

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darklordzor3594d ago

Good, I'll be happy to have this on my shelf. Loved this movie and enjoyed the simple fun of it. It didn't try too hard, and managed to succeed when there were a lot of ways it could have gone wrong.

JL3593d ago

Yea, I'll definitely be adding this one to my shelf as well. Was definitely a fun watch, plus I have their other two movies together.

As I mentioned in the article as well, I'll be curious to see what the unrated version will be like. Furthermore, I'm betting the blooper reel will be hilarious.

alycakes3592d ago

This is another one I missed...everytime I turn around there are movies I've can that happen when I seem to be going almost all the time now.

There was a few months last year that I wasn't able to last year and I missed several...did it come out last year?

JL3591d ago

Nope, it came out back in March of this year.

But don't beat yourself up. Can't always see them all. But you'll be able to get the DVD soon enough to rectify missing this one.