‘Pawn Stars For Fanboys’ Kevin Smith Shooting AMC Reality Pilot

AICN says:

Smith confirms this casting notice on Facebook is the real deal:

Have you ever wanted to work in a comic book shop? Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith, is casting a new television series set in his comic shop "The Secret Stash." He's not looking for actors, he's looking for real people who live and breath the comic book lifestyle. Must be funny outgoing and have a knowledge and passion for comics, superheroes, movie memorabilia and everything that goes with it.

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xVeZx3224d ago

outgoing + having a passion for comic books and movies = ERROR ERROR

alycakes3224d ago

I wonder what this will be like? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

darklordzor3224d ago

I'm actually kind of excited for this. As big a collector as I am, there hasn't been any shows that appeal to people like myself. I'm optimistic.

JL3223d ago

I'm not a big collector, especially not comic book stuff, but this definitely sounds cool. I actually like Pawn Stars, now mix a fanboy/geek element to it and this could be very enjoyable.

Megaton3223d ago

I used to really like Pawn Stars. Went a bit too cornball reality show for me.

JL3223d ago

Well I have to admit, I haven't watched it in a while. So, I wouldn't know if it's gone downhill lately. My brother (who is my roommate) used to be into it and we'd always have episodes of it on the DVR, so I got into watching it that way. Then, a while back, he either got tired of it or stopped recording it so I faded away from watching it myself as well.