Turbo Exp Review: Is X Men First Class X Out, Or In For The Win

Turbo-Exp Says:
As most of you may know, X-Men First Class is Matthew Vaughn's take on what occurred before Bryan Singer's X-Men franchise. X Men First Class is basically serves as a prequel to all of the past films, although it'd much better off being a reboot. You might want to skim through the comics a bit to give you some more background knowledge on the X-Men First Class, but really it'll all be done for you in two hours.

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CobraKai4087d ago

If there was one thing that bugged me, it was Mystique's five-head. Other than that, I actually liked it. Kinda like how I was pleasantly surprised with the X1. Fassbender kicked ass.... but that five-head

nomats4087d ago

ya seeing X1 was sweet.