A Brief History of Marvel Films at the Box Office

Out in theaters this weekend, the latest bit of comic book blockbuster bait, X-Men: First Class. While the dapper two-some of Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier aren’t in the same universe as Tony Stark, Thor and Bruce Banner, the pioneering X-Men are in the same club with The Avengers: Marvel, the brand that has helped redefine superhero success at the box office during the last eleven years. Ahead, a brief look at the financial history of Marvel releases.

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CobraKai4081d ago

"Not even future stars Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel could help Wesley Snipes' Blade beat Ocean's Twelve at the box office."

They actually ruined the damn movie. Them and David Goyer.

alycakes4080d ago

I actually thought it was half way decent, then again I've always liked Ryan Reynolds and those freckles on Jessica Beils were so cute....she didn't really look dangerous though...did she?

It didn't make much money though. Some of those really surprised me.