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Top 10 Best Movie Based Video Games

Video games based on film are usually bargain bin fodder, but occasionally developers get it right.

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darklordzor4705d ago

Not a bad list at all really. Though I wouldn't call a few of those games "great" by any means. All are very fun though and worth picking up. Personally I loved Path of Neo but I know so many people didn't care for it.

I wish they'd give Matrix another videogame try, but I doubt they will.

Oh and Spider-Man 2, is still one of my favorite games.

darklordzor4704d ago

Meh... I didn't care for that game actually. I'm not surprised it's not on here. I'm more surprised that there wasn't any mention of any of the Lord of the Rings games.

JL4704d ago (Edited 4704d ago )

I never got into playing Path of Neo so much (just played it a bit), but it was fun what I played. On top of that, my brother loved the game and I thoroughly enjoyed sitting and watching him play it.

Spider-Man 2 was awesome, too. That's one me and my brother both got into. I also did enjoy Roger Rabbit back in the day as well.

On that note, back in the day I really enjoyed both Aladdin and The Lion King. Loved those back when I was younger and found them to be real fun platforming games.

Another not mentioned: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I'm sure this is kinda cheating since they started as comics, but they didn't really gain their popularity until the TV show (which yea I know, that's TV not movies, though they had those too). But a few of those earlier TMNT games I really enjoyed when I was younger.

P.S. No love for Jaws or ET? lol

Ali4204705d ago

Agreed, I love Path of Neo. Wasn't perfect, but a blast to play

alycakes4704d ago

Well, I'll be darn! I didn't know Roger Rabbit was a game first.

thisguywithhair4704d ago

It wasn't. The games on this list are based on movies, not the other way around.

CobraKai4704d ago

Am I the only one that loved True Lies on SNES? Whaddabout Die Hard Trilogy on PS1? Maybe I thought they were great back then but prolly play like ass now.

alycakes4704d ago

No, I loved True Lies and the Die Hard Trilogy movies but I'm not a gamer so I didn't know they came from games...learn something new every day!

CobraKai4704d ago

They didn't come from games, they were great games that were based on the movies.

Megaton4704d ago

How are you gonna go and put Butcher Bay before Goldeneye? Maybe that's just the nostalgia talking, but I don't think so.

JL4704d ago

I have to agree. I'm not even a big shooter game guy, but I loved Goldeneye back in the day.

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