Naomie Harris Is In Talks To Play Bond Girl In Next “007” Movie

Indiewire: Well hot-damn! This has now officially spread like wildfire across the web over the last 12 hours, since I posted it early yesterday morning; even mainstream sites like Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, and many others have picked up the story. So, I figured I’d repost it, along with the fact that it has indeed been officially confirmed, posted here yesterday (reminding you of where you read it first), and later by others, that, yes, British actress Naomie Harris is indeed in talks to play the “Bond Girl” role in the next 007 movie, Bond 23. Though the actress is still mum about whether or not she’ll take the role.

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alycakes4080d ago

Haven't seen her in much except the Pirate movies and the 28 Days later but I like her. I don't think they really know yet who they're gonna have as the Bond girls. They usually have more than one.