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‘United States of Tara’ Review: Train Wreck - TVoTV

The Voice Of TV: Unlike her other alters, Tara has no control over Bryce and his actions. While she can claim all she wants that she knows what’s going on and it will eventually be controllable, Bryce has done far too much in such little time. With three alters “dead” – he is coming ever so close to his desire to kill Tara. Last week we saw a change of plans. Hattaras was nearly killed after Bryce instigated an allergic reaction, which caused the doctor to say no thanks to further study. For what it is, their relationship is over. Max and Marshall went to NYC to watch Marshall’s film, which made Max upset on the way he was portrayed. Kate and Evan are at a stand still in their relationship and Char is trying to find ways to relax.

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