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This Week on Netflix Instant: June 6-12

I’m back for another week highlighting all the instant goodness that will be hitting Netflix this week. Not much of any worth hitting this week as last week was the first of the month where Netflix likes to dump a huge load of movies into the streaming service. So, this week is a bit skimpy.

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darklordzor4702d ago

Wow...not a very good showing this week. Not interested in any of those.

JL4701d ago

Yea it is pretty lacking. Though, "I Saw the Devil" is decent. I've heard good things about "Black Death" as well. Some of those others I wouldn't mind rewatching. That is if Netflix finally releases them this week (was supposed to release them last week).

I'm more interested in next week's "Man From Nowhere" and "Vanishing on 7th Street".

CaptainKratos4701d ago

I have "Man From Nowhere" on Blu-ray O_O awesome!

Megaton4701d ago

Nothing for me this time. MAYBE Celtic Pride. As I remember it, that was a funny movie. Been a long time since I've seen it.


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