Tickets Now Available for Limited Theater Run of ‘Lord of the Rings Trilogy’

As you may or may not know, Warner Bros are set to celebrate the Extended Edition release of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy on Blu-ray by releasing the trilogy in theaters again for 3 nights only. Each of the three movies will hit theaters for one night only. The nights will be as followed:

June 14th: Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition
June 21st: The Two Towers: Extended Edition
June 28th: Return of the King: Extended Edition

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darklordzor4089d ago

Yep, I heard about this a while ago, but I'm not sure I'll make any of the showings. I really want to, but with all of the new movies coming out, and with my limited movie-watching window (not enough babysitters!), I have to stick with movies I haven't seen yet.

alycakes4088d ago

Yep, I already have my Green Lantern tickets for June 17th. I wasn't about to take any chances with kids being out of school. I want to be there for the first show of the day and be out before they get going.

I love Lord of the Rings and I know I would enjoy this but they are all long and it would be a long, long, day....I take too much medication and it would be hard on me to sit for that long.