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New 'The Old Republic' Trailer Proves Why George Lucas Should Let Others Handle Star Wars

From TMP:

The latest cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic has just debuted at this year's E3 event. After watching it, it's almost plain to see this as the proof needed that George Lucas should let others handle his story from here on out (especially the new TV show).

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darklordzor4080d ago

Honestly wasn't sure if it should have been in Video or Opinion Piece, since a lot of the article has to do with the opinion on the direction Star Wars needs to take now...but I guess we'll see!

reznik_zerosum4079d ago

stare wars needs to die and be forgotten

darklordzor4079d ago

I very much disagree. There are so many great stories for the Star Wars universe out there, if only Lucas would explore them. Give fans some of the stuff from the books and comics and the shows could be so much better.

There are a wealth of stories waiting in the Star Wars universe as well, but it takes talented people to bring them out. It doesn't need to die, it needs a reinvention and revival.

gaden_malak4079d ago

Damn they make epic cutscenes.

alycakes4078d ago

This looks pretty good. It was at least a little different...not the norm so I can live with that.