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Eliza Dushku to Guest Star on 'White Collar'

The "Dollhouse" actress will appear in the ninth episode of the upcoming third season.

Eliza Dushku is making a trip to USA dramedy White Collar.

The actress, who starred in Fox’s Dollhouse, will appear in the ninth episode of the third season, creator Jeff Eastin revealed to The Hollywood Reporter.

But according to Eastin -- who, along with Dushku, hinted at the team-up last Friday on Twitter -- things aren't going to be perfect in

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alycakes4650d ago

I really like Eliza Dushku and it seems like every time she gets a good role it gets cancelled. She was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the whole 3rd season and returned the 7th final season. Then she got this really great show on where she got a 24 hour redo called Tru Calling. I thought it was a pretty good show and it did last 2 seasons or almost 2 I think. Then came Dollhouse and that was pretty awesome.....well, only time will tell.

If this appearance on White Collar works out she could be making regular appearances on the show. Time will tell.


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