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6 Movies That Are Better Than The Books They're Based On

From TMP:

Just about every movie buff has heard this phrase uttered (if they didn’t say it themselves) by someone, “The movie was good...but the book was better.” Since books have significantly more time to cover character development and a deep story, there are many people who think this is always the case. Because of that, I’ve come up with the 6 movies that were actually better than the books.

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darklordzor4558d ago

I really thought about putting Gone With the Wind and Ben-Hur on here, but seeing as how I can barely make it through those films now...I should just leave them off. They are significantly better than the books, and are good movies, just not something I can watch over and over.

reznik_zerosum4558d ago

fail list - no Starship Troopers

darklordzor4558d ago

I loved the book a lot more than the movie. While I did enjoy the movie, the book had way more substance to it. One of my all time favorite sci-fi books actually.

CobraKai4557d ago

I agree with reznik. I thought Starship was better in movie form. Speaking of which, I thought Total Recall was better than "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale". Both by master flimmaker Paul Verhoeven

alycakes4558d ago

I never read the Twilight books but I know people that have and I know one person that would disagree with you on just that one but I don't know for myself personally.

I do know that Princess Bride and Forest Gump I could watch over and over, those two are just wonderful movies. I saw all that you mentioned except for Congo. They're all good but those are the top two for me.

darklordzor4558d ago

I'll say that the Twighlight STORY is good, and entertaining. That's why the movies work better. It's just Meyer's writing that's absolute crap. If you could get past the drudge of her writing, the story is pretty good.

FlashXIII4558d ago

Wow the twilight movies are better than the books? The books must be really really bad then.

darklordzor4558d ago

Oh my gosh yes...they are. Even my sister-in-law (who's a massive Twi-hard of the books and movies) admist that the books aren't that well written. It hasn't stopped her from reading them over and over again, but at least she knows.

RustInPeace4557d ago

"Twi_hard"? Is that a Supernatural episode nod I just read?

Tuxedo_Mask4557d ago

I disagree with the mention of "A Clockwork Orange". The film is very dated with Kubrick's choice to make the "future" look like how it was imagined to be in the 70s. I'm surprised "The Bourne Identity" wasn't mentioned.

darklordzor4557d ago

Truth is I liked the Bourne books better. Not that the movies weren't very fun, I just think the books' story was better.

As for Clockwork Orange, I see what you're saying, but the overall story was told better in the movie.

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