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James Franco Gets Hairy in New 'Rise of the Apes' Teaser

MTV: Ape riot! A brand-new teaser for "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" has arrived, and it delivers exactly what the title promises: apes, apes, apes rising up and terrorizing the streets!

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TheReflectedGod4381d ago

please be good!!! this trailer looked better

-MD-4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

Looks really good imo. This'll be my first movie in the 'Apes' universe. Franco being in it is a huge +

Defectiv3_Detectiv34380d ago

This movie looks laughably bad. And how do the apes intend to overthrow humanity, with strategically placed banana peels? It looks like we have another Birdemic on our hands, but this time with apes and the filmmakers are actually serious. The cg looks just as bad.

I was always under the impression that the apes rose to power because humanity took themselves out, that's kind of what made the ending to the original so haunting. It also worked as a commentary for the cold war. If you really are going to make the apes responsible for overthrowing humanity, at least have it be indirectly. Maybe they get their hands on our WMDs and used them to start WW3...?

darklordzor4380d ago

Depends. Did you ever watch any of the Planet of the Apes sequels? They go over the rise to power in pretty big detail, and even have one movie that goes back and explains it (which is what this new movie is a remake of).

I'm still on the fence about the CG. In some scenes it looks absolutely incredible, but others not so much. On the other hand though, they still have a couple months to work on and perfect them (like what Green Lantern has been doing).

Defectiv3_Detectiv34380d ago

Yeah, hopefully I'm just reading this trailer wrong but this movie looks like it has the potential to go the wrong way.

alycakes4380d ago

I saw extended previews at the movies yesterday and it looks like it's going to be very good. What it looks like is that the apes go thru an evolution process that continues to make them more and more like humans.

I think it's going to be kinda cool.

darklordzor4380d ago

Can't freaking wait. While this one didn't show us anything new really (seemed like a recut of the latest trailer), I still get giddy at any 'Apes' footage.

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