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JJ Abrams Confirms That His Star Trek Sequel Is Next And Not In 3D

Cinema Blend says:

We’ve been talking for months now about the extremely slow movement towards getting the next Star Trek made. After that first movie it felt like it was on its way to becoming the next, big franchise but director JJ Abrams and pretty much everyone involved finished it, promised another one, and then didn’t work on it. They chose instead to move on to other, unrelated projects. This weekend though, one of those other projects, the JJ Abrams directed movie Super 8 opens in theaters. Now that he’s got that out of his system, can we please get another Star Trek? Abrams said yes to that today, when we spoke with him at a junket promoting Super 8.

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reznik_zerosum4706d ago

well 3d ruined so many movies,ty JJ for this.All films with 3D is nothing but entertainment crap-fest for kids, relevant only to money grabbers.

Leio4706d ago

Ruined ? in which way ? If you dont like 3D go to a 2D theatre how hard could that be ?

-Superman-4706d ago

How 3D ruined movies?
Did it ruin Avatar? Most realistic CGI movie ever...
3D dosent downgrade garhpic, go check facts !!!!!!

darklordzor4706d ago

Not all 3D movies are bad, but on the whole, I'm ready for this fad to end. I'm not big on it, and outside a few of the bigger films, I can't say that 3D has been that impressive.

Avatar was great, but after that, not much has really utilized it that well.

Star Trek does seem like it could be pretty cool in 3D, but it's not hurting my feelings that it's not.

reznik_zerosum4706d ago

im not talking about "downgrading graphic" and "ruining CGI"
my point is that 3D films only exist to earn money and not to be art in any way possible.Entertain kids and grab some money way ! I DONT CARE ABOUT TECHNICAL SIDE OF FILM !

LOOK_AT_THIS_I4706d ago

So we can assume that the movie theater exists as a charity when it costs more for popcorn and a drink than it does a steak dinner at Outback. They are totally not in it for the money, its just operating expenses /S

I dont mind the inclusion of 3d, some films it looks amazing in, others you can tell they just threw it in there to say they have it. If I am not a fan of the actors/story/genre I wont spend the extra 3 dollars for 3d......easy as that.

CobraKai4706d ago

The only way 3D can ruin movies is if the cinematography is tailored for 3D. I mean shots where things fly towards the camera and whatnot. Avatar didn't feel like a 3D movie, just a movie that happened to be in 3D. That last Resident Evil movie, on the other hand, has shots tailored for 3D and it was obvious. It looks rediculous unless it's in 3D and in that way 3D can ruin movies.

VMAN_014706d ago


Most movies are not shot in 3D but converted to 3D in post production meaning that you do not get the same 3D effect that Avatar, Tron Legacy or Resident Evil Afterlife had which were all shot in 3D using 3D cameras. Movies like Thor, Pirates of the Carribean On Stranger Tides and Clash of the Titans were all converted to 3D post production which means the 3d effect is almost non-existent apart from the obligatory scene where an object flies at your face, meaning that we are unnecessarily paying more money for a movie which has no real added viewing experience. In reply to the person who said to just watch it in 2D, I live in a fairly dense and metropolitan area of Sydney, Australia in which the cinemas around me do not show 2D showings of 3D movies due to the fact that the cinema can just make a lot more money if they force the 3D showing upon us :(. I hope this has informed you.

Crazay4706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

Well said VMan - If the movie is converted to 3D in post production, it loses the flair and pinash that a movie properly filmed in 3D can give.

That really sucks about what the theaters in your area are doing though. As if the movie going experience isn';t expensive enough.

VMAN_014706d ago

Crazay yeh it really does suck lol, lucky for me i'm currently a uni student so tickets are still cheap only on mondays though every other day a 3D ticket is 19 dollars!!

Crazay4706d ago

HOLY SHIT!!! $19? I don;t think we're even getting hosed that much for a 3D movie yet...close though.

VMAN_014705d ago

Yeah we get ripped for everything in Australia, movies and games are substantially more expensive even with our dollar being at an all time high.

darklordzor4706d ago

3D argument aside, I'm more excited that he's finally confirmed this is his next project. It's time to get that ball rolling!

alycakes4706d ago

I don't care as long as I can see it in 2D. If they bring it to the audience in both ways it's okay with me. It's when they only give you one choice that it's a little upsetting. Film makers should always keep all movie goers in mind.....not just a the ones that go see 3D.


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