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LRA: X-Men First Class - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Am I the only one sick and tired of movie studios mucking up a franchise? The first two X-Men movies (especially the second one) were on course to not only become a cash cow for Fox but also a legitimately great film series as well. Like most businesses though they let their greed get in the way of better judgement and instead of waiting for a proper script and director they went ahead and destroyed all the good will built up by the first two films. As a matter of fact the amount of slack general audiences cut that travesty known as X-3 when it was released took a good year to fade away until they finally saw it for the garbage it was ( I remember having numerous conversations with so called fans that actually defended it upon its release), and the less said about the spin-off Wolverine the better. So, with the original director and writer (Bryan Singer) for the first two X-Men movies supplying a new and improved story as well as the maestro that gave us last years comi...

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