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The Primate Perspective Review: Senna

Primate Perspective Writes:

From the opening shots of SENNA you know that what lies ahead of you is going to be an emotional rollercoaster. Documentaries can fall into a grey area on two counts. The first is when the person they are about is no longer around to defend him or herself against possible malicious remarks. The second is when the film maker is hell bent on getting their opinion out regardless of the evidence on hand and spin an interesting yarn as opposed to an educated account. MICHAEL MOORE seems to have the market corned on the later so I am thankful that he has no influence in the making of this.

The career of AYRTON SENNA is legendary. Whether it was his unbelievable skill behind the wheel of an F1 car, his ongoing rivalry with one time team mate Alain Prost that dragged in millions of viewers or his humanitarian work for his beloved Brazil, the achievements accomplished by him are amazing.

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